Holistic. Effective. Affordable.

Finding the right resources for every client is the core of our mission. Our vision is a community working together to bridge the gaps in access to resources for individual well-being and a thriving community. 


To effectively identify and address the social determinants of health in our community, we knew we needed a cross-system, whole-person approach that was cost-effective.  Our solution is Community Care Navigation, a unique version of non-clinical case management. 

Beacon's Community Care Navigation Process


We partner with agencies to receive referrals and determine eligibility.


We complete an assessment with each client to develop a personalized care plan.


We navigate complex system to find the right resources to ensure success for our clients.


We build self-reliance so clients are motivated and confident in advocating for their own needs.

Beacon began with an investment from

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana.

This is the story of our beginning. 

Together, we are creating connections for a thriving community.